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My name is Ben Delaney, owner & founder of

BD Design/Build. First off, thank you for being here, and exploring our site in whatever capacity you may be. I’m going to give you a tiny peek into the DNA of our organization if you have a moment.


The fuel that makes our wheels turn, is a lifelong passion for




The perfect combination of these four elements creates lasting designs, builds, spaces, & relationships.

Each project we participate in requires a specific blend of our services, carefully selected materials, & the collaboration of the client, the BD team, and all that join us along the way.

We have assembled a roster of professional players in all positions on the field and sidelines who contribute in differing degrees based on what each project requires.

A little history…

I stepped foot into this field when I was a young boy, joining my dad in the various operations of his residential construction business. I remember when I first fell in love with it.

We built a hand-hewn log cabin near shrewsbury, Vermont when I was 11 years old.

My dad partnered with craftsmen from Colorado & New York, and we created one of the most beautiful homes I had ever seen at that time.

The Vermont weather battled us throughout the course of the build, but that was nothing new.

As each step was completed, and we moved to the next, I grew prouder, till we achieved turn-key completion at last.

                I found a passion.

It’s been 20 years since I rode away from that log cabin for the last time; in the passenger seat of my dad’s truck, down the long dirt road, slowly emerging from the maple groves into town.


The passion is stronger, deeper, & brighter than ever! It is unwavering, & it burns in each member of the team!


it is the pursuit of perfection in all aspects of our operation, from the birth of the idea, to its tangible realization, and for years to come after.


We would be honored for the opportunity to explore the possibility that together we could build something legendary. Touch base with us in whatever manner works best for you.


                                  …It’s never too soon…





Founder & Owner

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